Ganeshalands are built by Ganeshatoken.

Have you heard about Ganeshatoken?

We have future project ideas besides the exclusive NFT part.

Ganeshatoken wants to promote indie game development proccess. Any design and any development is a true content. Our longterm goal is to produce different variarities of games and animes. We use the development progress as content to hype ourselves. For that reason we are interested of partnership with Indie game developers and anime makers. Write us and join with your project. Bring your game artwork to communities. Join the team, share the work.


Diamond+ Holders


In Dextools (2021)


Still Low Liquidity

Send partnership deals to

Starting project

Open Ganeshalands Project and launch token. ✅

NFT Integration

Different unique NFT avatars are ready and finished. ✅

NFTs on phase 1

Discussions with Luart, Opensea and Rarible. ✅

We got stucked here!

Marketing Scam and then Luna crash just after that.

New milestones

We do not have enough social activity. Influencers and Whales are needed.

Ganesha VIP Club

Help the project, obtain royalties from everything.

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